A recession and a weak economic climate brings financial disputes.  Civil litigation, and our ability to do it well, is an essential driver for this firm’s success.  Our experience in litigation is both broad and deep, as we have engaged in this field for over a decade.


We act for clients in partnership disputes, on contractual claims, misrepresentation, breach of contract and personal injury. We act for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. We also act where the problem is with insiders – for example claims against directors or by shareholders.

Litigation is an unwelcome distraction from genuine enterprise. We therefore aim to avoid the cost and uncertainty of long-running litigation. Our strategy is to apply pressure early on to encourage an advantageous settlement – to keep your costs down.

From compromise agreements and property litigation to franchise and business disputes, Kuddus Solicitors have built long term and trusted relationships all around the UK.


Our Commitment To You

As a highly respected firm of London based solicitors, we have a reputation to uphold, which is important to us. We are a firm which offers you excellent service and expertise and we focus not just on ‘doing a job’ but on creating a relationship. We understand that each and every one of our valued clients is different and we never forget that. We believe that is why clients who work with us once rarely go elsewhere afterwards. We strongly believe in acting in the best interest of our clients at all times.

What we offer

Our experienced team of litigation solicitors can advise and represent you on all areas of civil litigation including:

  • All types of property and beneficial shares disputes
  • Breach of contract and tortious liability
  • Debt claims
  • Partnership dispute litigation
  • Inheritance dispute claims
  • Property tribunal cases
  • Possession orders for residential and commercial properties
  • Commercial litigation





Kuddus Solicitors -business to business debt that is undisputed

Stage 1 claims – before issuing court proceedings

Sole Trader – Letter before action – £500 plus VAT

Company – Letter before action – £750 plus VAT

Stage 2 – Court claims

These costs apply where your claim is in relation to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed and enforcement action is not needed. If the other party disputes your claim at any point, we will discuss any further work required and provide you with revised advice about costs if necessary, which could be on a fixed fee (e.g. if a one off letter is required), or an hourly rate if more extensive work is needed.

Debts amount Court Fee Our Fees
Up to £300 £35 £         250  plus VAT
£301 to £500 £50 £        300   plus VAT
£501 to £1000 £70 £      500    plus VAT
£1001 to £1500 £80 £        750  plus VAT
£1501 to £3000 £115 £        1500  plus VAT
£3001 to £5000 £205 £         1800 plus VAT
£5001 to £10000 £455 £          3000 plus VAT
£10001 to £200000 5% of claim £        25 % value of the claim


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees or the costs of a process server. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Anyone wishing to proceed with a claim should note that:
• The VAT element of our fee cannot be reclaimed from your debtor.
• Interest and compensation may take the debt into a higher banding, with a higher cost.
• The costs quoted above are not for matters where enforcement action, such as the bailiff, is needed to collect your debt.

Our fee includes:
• Taking your instructions and reviewing documentation
• Undertaking appropriate searches
• Sending a letter before action
• Receiving payment and sending onto you, or if the debt is not paid, drafting and issuing claim
• Where no Acknowledgment of Service or Defence is received, applying to the court to enter Judgement in default
• When Judgement in default in received, write to the other side to request payment
• If payment is not received within 30 days, providing you with advice on next steps and likely costs

Matters usually take 4-6 weeks from receipt of instructions from you to receipt of payment from the other side, depending on whether or not it is necessary to issue a claim. If a claim is issued then this can take 3- 6 months depending on the date of a hearing. If enforcement action is needed, the matter will take longer to resolve and can take up to a year.

Staff Profile

Our Debt Recovery department consists of Wakil Ahmed, a Director and Solicitor-Advocate with over 10 year’s experience. He will be assisted by Mansoor Malik, a qualified solicitor since 2015, and Waqqas Khan, a qualified solicitor since 2009.