Notary Public

An English notary public may be described as a specialist lawyer whose main business is to verify the proper execution of English documentation going abroad and, where necessary, to issue an appropriate certificate. That certificate, or in some cases the original document itself, will be signed by the notary and he will also attach a notarial seal of office which is personal to the notary and totally unique.

Notary Public

This is a formal procedure, and necessarily so, for what the notary says and certifies will be relied upon throughout the world.

An English notary public is a member of the smallest but oldest branch of the legal profession and is appointed by the profession’s own Court which is at Westminster. Previously the notarial profession was divided with certain types of notaries (called scrivener notaries) only allowed to do business in the Cities of London and Westminster. However, this division has now been abolished and a notary public (also sometimes called a general notary) can now carry out his business throughout England and Wales including throughout the whole of London. Most notaries are also solicitors as is the firm of Kuddus Solicitors.

The primary work of a notary public is to prepare documents; to formally witness the execution of documents; to authenticate the contents of documents and to administer oaths and declarations. By this process the notary attempts to make the document acceptable to, and therefore receivable by, foreign jurisdictions.

By signing and sealing a document, a notary public verifies the authenticity of the facts set out in that document and, apart from legalisation at either The Foreign and Commonwealth Office or at a foreign embassy or consulate, no other formal requirements will be needed by the foreign jurisdiction in which the document is required.

Notaries also have special jurisdiction in relation to the Protest of Bills of Exchange and Protests arising from the ownership and use of ships and shipping generally.

All sorts of other specialist work is also carried out as and when required.

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Services for Individuals

  • From Bank Instruction Letters
  • Powers of Attorney that can be used worldwide
  • International Affidavits
  • Sworn Statements and Depositions to Marriage Certificates
  • Lost Passports,
  • Permission for Children to Travel with a Lone Parent,
  • Certification of copy documents such as degrees, passports
  • Notarising foreign wills
  • Change of name documents, Deed Polls etc.
  • Sponsorship – visits or settlement
  • Preparing and witnessing documents
  • Witnessing documents dealing with documents for the purchase or sale of land and property overseas
  • Notarising Foreign Adoption application requirements
  • Verifying the translation of documents using a translator
  • Taking evidence known as depositions in England & Wales for use in legal proceedings abroad
  • Authenticating the signing of an Acknowledgment for use in the United States of America
  • Providing Notarised copies and certificates of law


Notary Public

Services for Companies

  • Notarising corporate powers of attorney
  • Authenticating corporate documents for UK or foreign companies
  • Certifying company documents such as resolutions, minutes, accounts and reports
  • Authenticating documents to assist in the opening of corporate branch offices and bank accounts within the UK or abroad
  • Notarising commercial mortgages
  • Attesting and authenticating the signature and execution of documents
  • Preparing certificates to evidence the identity of company officers
  • Taking evidence known as depositions in England & Wales for use in foreign courts
  • Authenticating the signing of an Acknowledgment for use in the United States of America
  • Dealing with shipping documentation including the registration of vessels and ship protests

Our notary public is also a senior solicitor and therefore is able to assist in the drafting of documents that may then require notarising should you require this additional service.

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