Employment law is intrinsic to all organisations and one way or another affects all working members of the public. Over recent years, growing legislation means that navigating the minefield of employment law carries with it greater risks and requires the use of increasingly complex strategies. Employees head towards legal action against their employers due to the perceived cash windfall at the end of the employment tribunal.


In such a perilous environment, effective risk management is more important than ever. Managers at every level of a business must be equipped with the information to allow them to understand the potential pitfalls and most importantly to recognise when to ask for help.


An investment in employment law upfront will help your business grow in the long term, not only allowing you to protect your business and reducing costs if something goes wrong, but enabling you to differentiate yourself from competitors in your market.

We serve individuals and businesses by assisting and advising at the outset so that an employment dispute does not turn into protracted employment litigation. It is better to invest early to reduce costs subsequently.

Our services include:

  • Practical commercial day-to-day advice;
  • Director’s service agreements and contracts of employment;
  • Staff handbooks;
  • Restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements;
  • Dismissals, including redundancy and restructuring;
  • Discrimination claims;
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities; and
  • LLP and Partnership agreements.


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